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pronunciation: "heckle"

Authored by: Brian McMurray (bmcmurray) and Steven Merrill (smerrill)

Hekyll is a presentation generator that uses Jekyll and Impress.js to create awesome presentations. You write Markdown files, which get turned into individual slides for an Impress.js presentation.

Design Goals

Hekyll should:

  • Make it easy for hackers to write graphically-impressive presentations in Markdown.
  • Allow easier collaboration on these presentations through GitHub.
  • Allow users to commit and publish their presentations through GitHub using GitHub Pages.
  • Provide a good print stylesheet so that a user can print to PDF when conferences ask for slide decks.
  • Provide a simple slideshow mode for generating quick, regular slide shows (simple cross-fades between slides without the need to individually position each slide "Prezi-style."
  • Provide an easy way of dropping in new presentation themes.

How to Use Hekyll

  1. Download and install Jekyll.
  2. Download or clone the Hekyll repository.
  3. Configure options in _config.yml
  4. Create a new Markdown file for each slide in _posts. Use the post_template.md as a starting point. Be sure to name each file with a date, just like Jekyll.


  • Jekyll


This project stands on the shoulders of giants and would not be possible without these projects:

History of Hekyll

Read the creation story of Hekyll on my blog.