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Simple robust cookie library



class to determine matching qualities of a cookie

  • String domain - domain to match
  • String path - path to match
  • Boolean secure - access is secure (ssl generally)
  • Boolean script - access is from a script

Cookie(cookiestr_or_cookie, request_domain, request_path)

It turns input into a Cookie (singleton if given a Cookie), the request_domain argument is used to default the domain if it is not explicit in the cookie string, the request_path argument is used to set the path if it is not explicit in a cookie String.

Explicit domains/paths will cascade, implied domains/paths must exactly match (see

  • String name - name of the cookie
  • String value - string associated with the cookie
  • String domain - domain to match (on a cookie a '.' at the start means a wildcard matching anything ending in the rest)
  • Boolean explicit_domain - if the domain was explicitly set via the cookie string
  • String path - base path to match (matches any path starting with this '/' is root)
  • Boolean explicit_path - if the path was explicitly set via the cookie string
  • Boolean noscript - if it should be kept from scripts
  • Boolean secure - should it only be transmitted over secure means
  • Number expiration_date - number of millis since 1970 at which this should be removed
  • String toString() - the set-cookie: string for this cookie
  • String toValueString() - the cookie: string for this cookie
  • Cookie parse(cookiestr, request_domain, request_path) - parses the string onto this cookie or a new one if called directly
  • Boolean matches(access_info) - returns true if the access_info allows retrieval of this cookie
  • Boolean collidesWith(cookie) - returns true if the cookies cannot exist in the same space (domain and path match)


class to hold numerous cookies from multiple domains correctly

  • Cookie setCookie(cookie, request_domain, request_path) - modify (or add if not already-existing) a cookie to the jar
  • Cookie[] setCookies(cookiestr_or_list, request_domain, request_path) - modify (or add if not already-existing) a large number of cookies to the jar
  • Cookie getCookie(cookie_name,access_info) - get a cookie with the name and access_info matching
  • Cookie[] getCookies(access_info) - grab all cookies matching this access_info
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