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My ocaml-experimental repository contains various experimental changes to OCaml on which I am working or to which I have contributed in some way. The changes are organized into different branches. Below is a description of the interesting branches.


The linear-scan-register-allocator branch contains an implementation of the Linear Scan Register Allocator for ocamlopt (and therefore ocamlnat). This implementation was created by Marcell Fischbach as part of his diploma thesis (supervised by me).


The ocamlnat-jit branch contains a prototype implementation of ocamlnat for amd64 and i386 which does no longer depend on external assemblers and linkers, but does the code generation and linking in-process.


The ocamlopt-improvements branch contains various improvements for ocamlopt (and therefore ocamlnat) that I am working on (or worked on in the past). Most of the patches I filed for OCaml are derived from changes available in this branch.