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Easy to customize scripts to sync Linux mirrors. Run scripts in scripts/ and send and send an email if error occours

Use the -dflag on any of the scripts to enable debug mode. It will display the rsync progress.

Systemd service and timer

Change the script path in the mirrorsync.service file. Copy the service and timer files to systemd directory

Start and enable the timer with systemctl enable mirrorsync.timer systemctl start mirrorsync.timer Check timer status with systemctl list-timers


Logs are stored in /var/log/mirrorsync.mirrorname.log. If not running as root you will need to create and change ownership of the files.

For example:

touch /var/log/mirrorsync.archlinux.log
chown mirrorsync:mirrorsync /var/log/mirrorsync.archlinux.log