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Build express middleware to deliver compiled client-side templates #3

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Build express middleware to deliver compiled client-side templates. For example, you can set a mount point (i.e. "/views") and any GET request to "/views/view123.blade" will cause the Express middleware to compile the blade template and deliver the JavaScript code to the browser. No client-side caching of templates would be required; this would be handled automatically by the server (i.e. using 304 Not Modified weak caching or Expires headers and strong caching).

@bminer bminer referenced this issue from a commit
@bminer Added Blade middleware for client-side templates (solves issue #3)
Updated runtime to work nicely with middleware (solves issue #2)
Remove try, catch block from runtime
Added .gitignore to ignore node_modules

Caching does not work 100% yet, but I'm going to close this issue for now.

@bminer bminer closed this
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