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Multi author support for Hexo

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Tested wit Hexo 3.x

This plugin adds support for multiple authors. You can add author to a post by adding authorId to frontmatter. You can see it in action at It uses modified twbootstrap template.

title: Sample post
date: 2014/01/10 12:00
tags: [hexo]
authorId: LSK

At this point, this plugin expects a file source/_authors/LSK.yml exists. Following content is supported:

name: Luke Skywalker
about: Pilot

When the public content is generated, plugin will group posts by authors and generate pages for each author. In order to reach the author page, you need to tweak the templates.


<% if ({ %>
  <% if (item.title){ %>
    <h1 class="title"><a href="<%- %>" target="_blank"><%= item.title %></a></h1>
  <% } else { %>
    <h1 class="title"><a href="<%- %>" target="_blank"><%= %></a></h1>
  <% } %>
<% } else { %>
  <% if (index){ %>
    <h1 class="title"><a href="<%- config.root %><%- item.path %>"><%= item.title %></a></h1>
  <% } else { %>
    <h1 class="title"><%= item.title %></h1>
  <% } %>
   <% if (author && { %>
    <a href="<%- config.root %><%- 'author/' + item.authorId %>"><h4><%= %></h4></a>
   <% } %>
<% } %> 
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