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Create custom post types, fields and taxonomies that are integrated with the oik API to bring the power of oik to your website content.

  • Define new custom post types
  • Extend existing post types
  • Define new custom fields
  • Define the fields and taxonomy relationships
  • Use WordPress admin to create and manage your content
  • Use shortcodes from oik and oik-fields to display the content in ingenious ways


  • No PHP programming
  • A bit of thought
  • Some creative flair

For advanced users:

  • Write CSS to style your content beautifully. Why not use the oik-css plugin?
  • Extend your custom post types with action and hook filters
  • Develop your own custom field plugins using the oik APIs


  • Advanced API for plugin developers
  • Builds on oik and oik-fields extensible architecture
  • Extend pre-existing custom post type plugins that use the oik API
  • Select post types to be shown on the home page
  • Select post types to be publicized by Jetpack


oik-types does not define any shortcodes of its own. You simply use the shortcodes from oik and oik-fields

Actions and filter hooks

  • action "oik_types_box"
  • action "oik_fie_edit_field_options"
  • action "oik_fie_edit_field_type_$type"
  • filter "oik_query_field_types"


  1. Upload the contents of the oik-types plugin to the `/wp-content/plugins/oik-types' directory
  2. Activate the oik-types plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  • Note: oik-types is dependent upon the oik base plugin and the oik-fields plugin.

If you don't install and activate the oik-fields plugin then oik-types won't be called to apply changes to the post type registrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this plugin for?

To help you define custom content for your website without having to write any code.

How is the data implemented?

oik-types does not create any tables of its own. It records the information in structured arrays in the wp_options table.

  • bw_types contains the manually defined custom post types
  • bw_fields contains the manually defined custom fields
  • bw_f2ts contains the Fields to Types relationships
  • bw_x2ts contains the Taxonomies to Types relationships

Each instance of a custom post type is created in the wp_posts table Each instance of a custom field for a custom post type is created in the wp_postmeta table Each instance of a custom taxonomy is created in the wp_taxonomy and related tables

Do I need to flush permalinks?

Yes. When you first create a new custom post type. If you do not then you will most likely receive a 404 message.

What other field types are there?

The following field types are provided by the plugins listed below:

  • msoft - oik-msoft
  • rating - oik-rating
  • userref - oik-user

What is oik-types dependent upon?

This plugin is dependent upon the oik-fields plugin and the oik base plugin.

Can I get support?

Yes. Through the oik-plugins website or GitHub.

Can this plugin be used with other CPT managers?

Yes, it can. But I wouldn't recommend it.

Can this plugin extend other CPTs?

Yes. You can use it to override the definition of existing (custom) post types. You can add fields but you can't remove them.

Is there an import/export facility?

No... but there could be as it's just a case of exporting the data from wp_options using an "Export/import options plugin."


  1. Definition of the oik-fields CPT
  2. Three instances of the oik-fields CPT
  3. Fields defined by oik-types
  4. Fields to types relationships
  5. Taxonomies to types relationships

Upgrade Notice


Upgrade for PHP 7.2 support


Tested with WordPress 4.6 and REST API v2.


Tested with WordPress 4.5.2


Upgrade for WordPress 4.3


Upgrade for support for Genesis post type supports options


Adds support to allow Media files to be chosen for Nav menu items


Required to display native "attachments" on the home page. Tested with WordPress 4.1 and WordPress Multi Site.


Required if you want to select the post types to be shown on the home page. Tested with WordPress 4.0 and WordPress Multi Site.


Now supports "has_archive" setting on post types. Required for wp-a2z.com


Added support for JetPack 'publicize' function. Improved dependency checking


Required for oik-plugins use of bw_related


Required for setting more information for UI defined fields. Alternative is to use a plugin and write the required APIs


  • Depends on oik v2.1-alpha.1028 and oik-fields v1.19.1028


Requires oik base plugin version 2.1-alpha or above and oik-fields v1.19 or above





  • Added: Improve support for the multi-select "post_type_support" select box https://github.com/bobbingwide/oik-types/issues/2
  • Added: Language files, though they may be out of date
  • Added: Order by capability for the front-end. Note: this is only a partial solution
  • Added: Respond to 'register_post_types_args' filter https://github.com/bobbingwide/oik-types/issues/3
  • Added: Workaround for WordPress TRAC 36579
  • Added: posts_per_page for the front-end
  • Changed: Trace levels, whitespace and docblocks
  • Tested: With WordPress 4.5.2 and WordPress MultiSite


  • Fixed: Applied a workaround to overcome problems raised as WordPress TRAC #33543.
  • Tested: with WordPress 4.3


  • Added: Support for 'post type supports' options for Genesis: genesis-layouts, genesis-seo, genesis-scripts, genesis-cpt-archives-settings
  • Added: Screenshots
  • Added: Language files for bb_BB ( bbboing ) test language


  • Added: Now supports selection of Media files from Nav menus


  • Added: "home" post_type support for the native "attachment" post_type. Extends the "pre_get_posts" filter.


  • Added: "home" post_type_support value for identifying post types which will appear on the front page / blog page
  • Added: "pre_get_posts" filter to handle post types with post_type_support of "home"
  • Fixed: Column headings for Taxonomies
  • Added: Show in admin bar checkbox. De-select to remove less used post types from the drop down Add new menu
  • Fixed: Add "Archive?" to post type column headings.
  • Started: Started developing logic to cater for changes to the "has_archive" setting, to correct rewrite rules
  • Changed: Commented out most bw_trace2() calls


  • Added: Support for has_archive. Simple implementation as a check box.


  • Added: Support for JetPack 'publicize' - can be selected for ANY post type
  • Changed: Dependency checking. Now depends on oik v2.2 and oik-fields v1.35


  • Added: Support for the #optional setting for 'noderef' and 'select' type fields
  • Added: Dependency checking on oik and oik-fields


  • Added: Some field options can now be defined in the admin pages. types > fields
  • Added: rewrite setting for types - work in progress
  • Changed: Some usage notes in this file.


  • First version on oik-plugins.co.uk


  • Added: New plugin

Further reading

Read more about oik plugins and themes