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Cog Function

Name Status Description (Click to see full status)
announcedaily Alpha
Send daily announcements to all servers at a specified timesCommissioned release, so suggestions will not be accepted
audiotrivia Alpha
Guess the audio using the core trivia cogReplaces the core Trivia cog. Needs help adding audio trivia lists, please submit a PR to contribute
ccrole Release
Create custom commands that also assign rolesMay have some bugs, please create an issue if you find any
chatter Beta
Chat-bot trained to talk like your guildMissing some key features, but currently functional. See Chatter for install instructions
coglint Alpha
Error check code in python syntax posted to discordWorks, but probably needs more turning to work for cogs
conquest Alpha
Manage maps for war games and RPGsLots of additional features are planned, currently function with simple map
dad Beta
Tell dad jokesWorks great!
exclusiverole Alpha
Prevent certain roles from getting any other rolesFully functional, but pretty simple
fifo Alpha
Schedule commands to be run at certain times or intervalsJust released, please report bugs as you find them. Only works for bot owner for now
fight Incomplete
Organize bracket tournaments within discordStill in-progress, a massive project
firstmessage Release
Simple cog to provide a jump link to the first message in a channel/summary>Just released, please report bugs as you find them.
flag Alpha
Create temporary marks on users that expire after specified timePorted, will not import old data. Please report bugs
forcemention Alpha
Mentions unmentionable rolesVery simple cog, mention doesn't persist
hangman Beta
Play a game of hangmanSome visual glitches and needs more customization
howdoi Incomplete
Ask coding questions and get results from StackExchangeNot yet functional
infochannel Beta
Create a channel to display server infoDue to rate limits, this does not update as often as it once did
isitdown Beta
Check if a website/url is downJust released, please report bugs
launchlib Beta
Access rocket launch dataJust released, please report bugs
leaver Beta
Send a message in a channel when a user leaves the serverSeems to be functional, please report any bugs or suggestions
lovecalculator Alpha
Calculate the love between two users[Snap-Ons] Just updated to V3
lseen Alpha
Track when a member was last onlineAlpha release, please report bugs
nudity Alpha
Checks for NSFW images posted in non-NSFW channelsSwitched libraries, now functional
planttycoon Alpha
Grow your own plants![Snap-Ons] Updated to V3, likely to contain bugs
qrinvite Alpha
Create a QR code invite for the serverAlpha release, please report any bugs
reactrestrict Alpha
Removes reactions by role per channelA bit clunky, but functional
recyclingplant Alpha
Work at a recycling plant[Snap-Ons] Just updated to V3
rpsls Alpha
Play Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock[Snap-Ons] Just updated to V3
sayurl Alpha
Convert any URL into text and post to discordNo error checking and pretty spammy
scp Alpha
Look-up SCP articles[Snap-Ons] Just updated to V3
secrethitler Incomplete
Play the Secret Hitler gameConcept, no work done yet
stealemoji Alpha
Steals any custom emoji it sees in a reactionSome planned upgrades for server generation
timerole Alpha
Add roles to members after specified time on the serverUpgraded from V2, please report any bugs
tts Beta
Send a Text-to-Speech message as an uploaded mp3Alpha release, please report any bugs
unicode Alpha
Encode and Decode unicode characters[Snap-Ons] Just updated to V3
werewolf Pre-Alpha
Play the classic party game Werewolf within discordAnother massive project currently being developed, will be fully customizable

Check out Deprecated my V2 cogs at Fox-Cogs v2


Recommended - Built-in Downloader

[p]repo add Fox
[p]cog install Fox <cogname>
[p]load <cogname>


Get support on the Third Party Cog Server

Feel free to @ me in the #support_fox-v3 channel

Discord: Bobloy#6513


Huge thanks to all the helpful people in #coding on the discord support server