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drools-ant JBRULES-1746: The drools-ant task cannot compile decision tables (.xl…
drools-api JBRULES-1734 Drools-API
drools-clips JBRULES-1736 Dynamically generated Types
drools-compiler -fixed dependencies so it doesn't suck in maven-project
drools-core fixing bug
drools-dataloaders JBRULES-1668 Smooks Data Loader
drools-decisiontables JBRULES-1731: RuleAgent has some outstanding FIXME items in RuleAgent…
drools-docs all code samples the same form
drools-eclipse Update version/time stamp
drools-examples JBRULES-1730: Add support for other data types when writing processes…
drools-guvnor JBRULES-1749: ClassicDRLImporter does not parse curly brackets correctly
drools-jsr94 set project to relative path
drools-process JBRULES-1745 WS-Human-Task
drools-repository Fixed an exception when empty string is used as the login name.
drools-server improved error handing and reporting
drools-solver javadocs
drools-templates JBRULES-1736 Dynamically generated Types
drools-verifier set project to relative path
experimental Removing m2_repo as it is no longer needed
lib new task for RulesNewMenu class generation in Guvnor
Drools.iws set project to relative path
LICENSE-ASL-2.0.txt -getting assemblers to work
README.txt -moved MVEL back to using SNAPSHOT version
README_DEPENDENCIES.txt -updated to mvel14-1.2.8
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drools.ipr set project to relative path
eclipse-code-style.xml -Turned off eclipse javadocs formatting
pom.xml -fixed dependencies so it doesn't suck in maven-project
release.env Adding release scripts to the repository release script
update-version.xml -update version to 5.0.0.M1 before tagging.


Welcome to Drools

Drools uses maven to build the system. There are two profiles available which
enable the associated modules "documentation" and "eclipse"; this enables
quicker building of the core modules for developers. The eclipse profile will
download eclipse into the drools-eclipse folder, which is over 100MB download,
however this only needs to be done once; if you wish you can move that eclipse
download into another location and specify it with

NOTE: you MUST use maven version 2.0.8 or later to build because of surefire
maven plugin classpath problems.

The following builds all the jars, the documentation and the eclipse zip with a
local folder specified to avoid downloading eclipse:
 mvn -Declipse -Ddocumentation clean install 

You can produce distribution builds, which puts everything into zips, as
mvn -Declipse -Ddocumentation clean install
mvn -Ddocumentation -Declipse -Dmaven.test.skip package javadoc:javadoc assembly:assembly 

Note that install must be done first as javadoc:javadoc won't work unless the
jars are in the local maven repo, but the tests can be skipped on the second run.

assembly:assembly fails unless you increase the available memory to Maven, on windows 
the following command worked well:
set MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx512m

If you have a ydoc license then you can build the javadocs with uml images using the ydoc doclet. 
Simple add the following to the mvn command line:
-Dydoc.home=<path to ydoc>


* Functions can't be called from MVEL code blocks. Although, static methods
from previously existing classes are working fine.

* There are still some issues with MVEL code completion.

* MVEL debug is not working.

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