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DEPRECATED - Reverse Relations Plugin for Craft CMS
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DEPRECATED - Reverse Relations plugin for Craft CMS

Plugin that allows you to show and save reverse relations in both the CP and the Site.


  • Able to output the relation in the CP and in the site (no other plugin has this feature)
  • Only supports entries at the moment

Important: The plugin's folder should be named "reverserelations"


With the release of Craft 3 on 4-4-2018, this tool has been deprecated. You can still use this with Craft 2 but you are encouraged to use (and develop) a Craft 3 version. At this moment, I have no plans to do so.



  • Added a read-only setting (thanks to @timkelty)
  • Fixed Matrix errors (thanks to @timkelty)


  • Make sure we have targets before trying to save any


  • Added the ability to save both ways
  • Added Craft 2.4 support
  • Added MIT license


  • Only find reverse relations in given source


  • Initial push to GitHub