The Open Millifluidic Inquiry System
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Open Millifluidic Inquiry System

The Thingiverse version

The Open Millifluidic Inquiry System (OMIS) is a platform for lab-on-a-chip technologies and miniaturized analysis systems. It is a 3D printed, Arduino-based science and engineering project that allows the end-user (student/teacher/hobbyist) to explore the science of fluids. OMIS currently has two parts. The first is a syringe pump constructed from 3D printed parts, an inexpensive stepper motor and some items from the local hardware store. The second part is a “millifluidic device” which is also 3D printed. OMIS is designed with learning and inquiry in mind, and all elements of the design have been created to encourage exploration.

Quick start

  1. Print the parts located in the STL directory.
  2. Purchase the items in the Bill of Materials.
  3. Follow the build guide.
  4. Design your circuit using this Adafruit guide.
  5. Upload the sketch in the software directory to your Arduino.


  • The github repository will be used for version management and issue tracking. This will be true for design files, software and lessons/activities.
  • My personal webpage will be the source for commentary and any opinions I have on the project.
  • The build at Thingiverse will remain as the original version for historical reasons.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.