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Developed Fall 2015

A new spin on the way tips can be farmed for crime prevention and solving that uses crowd funding to make information more valuable for issues and crimes the public feels strongly about.

Founded at RPI as part of their center for open source development, this project is a socially adaptive way to protect your community. If you feel strongly about an issue, you can crowd fund it and as a result you can help prevent or solve that crime.


###What is CrowdCop?

We are a crowdfunding platform for solving and preventing crimes. We are aiming to be the first socialy dynamic way for the public to get involved in the crime solving process.


A campaign relates to either a general or specific crime that people can crowdfund. At the end of the month the tips relating to a campaign that are approved by law enforcement will receive an equal portion of the funds raised.

###Socially Dynamic?

This means that the crimes the public feels more strongly about will raise more funds, meaning that is easier for law enforcement to solve those crimes because the tips relating to them are more valuable and will likely come in with a greater frequency.

###How Can I Help?

We are an open source initiative and are always looking for people who can contribute to our repository. Check it out here.


A socially adaptive approach to crowdfunding crime tips







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