NG2 Tour of Heroes sample app with a ngrx/store twist
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RX Heroes

The Angular 2 Tour of Heroes Tutorial app rewritten with @ngrx/store

See my post about this for the full story.

Update - 09/25/2016

This repo has been updated to work with the final release of Angular 2 final. It's not perfect, and I would suggest that you NOT consider this as an example of best practices, but it will give you an idea of how these pieces fit together. Here's a quick rundown of what changed:

  • Updated to use final 2.0.0 version of Angular 2
  • Removed @ngrx/router and switched to using new @angular/router
  • Updated code to use NgModule
    • Not all code has been modularized, and to make this update more simple, I moved all components from hero-detail into the heroes module.
  • Updated @ngrx/effects to the lastest beta build.
    • Effects code had to be changed to work with breaking changes in beta.

Again, this was done quickly so that I could demonstrate it working in the final release. There's probably a LOT of wrongness in here.