Analysis of Canadian vowel shift data by Thomas Kettig
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Statistical analysis of Canadian Vowel Shift Analysis

  • Study design & data collection: Thomas Kettig
  • Statistical Analysis: Bodo Winter

Libraries required for this analysis:

  • stringr
  • library
  • utisl
  • gdata
  • car
  • plyr
  • mgcv
  • party

Script files contained in this analysis:

  1. 001_perception_preprocessing.R
    Preprocessing of the perception data (vowel categorization).
  2. 002_production_preprocessing.R
    Preprocessing of the production data (vowel formants).
  3. 003_production_analysis.R
    Analysis of the vowel production data (Lobanov-normalized).
  4. 004_perception_analysis.R
    Analysis of the perception data including production/perception correlation.

Data files contained in this analysis:

  • raw_data/perception_individual_data folder
    By-participant perception data processed by script 001
  • a/o/u/ae.txt
    Lobanov-normalized production data
  • perception.txt
    Perception stimulus F1/F2 values
  • kettig_raw_vowels.csv
    Non-normalized vowel formants
  • processed_data folder
    Processed data resulting from scripts 001 and 002