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Generate sprite sheets directly from Photoshop animation frames - geared towards game dev
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Spritesheet generator is for those who work with Photoshop's animation functions and want to easily export their animations into a simple spritesheet.

Report issues / feature requests on github or tweet at me


  • @SebaschenLiu - thanks for the awesome padding feature and UI enhancements <3


Download the raw version of the script

Place Spritesheet generator.jsx script into:

  • Windows - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Your photoshop version\Presets\Scripts
  • Mac - Applications > Your photoshop version > Presets > Scripts

Restart Photoshop if it was open.


The script will now be available under File -> Scripts menu as "Spritesheet Generator".


You can specify the frame range. The columns and rows will be automaticaly calculated - you can change them to suit your needs.

You also have the option to add padding in between frames to avoid bleeding.

Export options:

  • Save as PNG - generates and then saves a PNG24 of the generated sprite sheet along with a _spritesheets.txt file in the same folder
  • Generate document - generate your spritesheet into a new photoshop document with "Document Name" field and cell size as the name i.e. basic_attack_32x32

Sprite sheet data file

_spritesheets.txt will be created / updated everytime you use Save as PNG option and will store sprite sheet information for all generated pngs in the folder it resides. Extra options:

  • Check "Separate Padding Data" to extract more detailed spritesheet information with padding information on each side (by default) The generated _spritesheets.txt format is:

Without Separate Padding Data (default):
spritename,cell width + padding left + padding right,cell height + padding top + padding bottom,number of frames

  for example,   

With Separate Padding Data:
spritename,cell width,cell height,padding left,padding top,padding right, padding bottom,number of frames
  for example,

each entry uses a new line

This file exists so that you can setup whatever workflow within your game engine or other tools to read and slice your spritesheets.

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