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BOI'2014 tasks

Getting Started

Here are quick steps to get you started. In this example, we assume that we will keep files under ~/Documents, please change that to your prefered location.

Start by cloning the repository:

cd ~/Documents
git clone

Now whenever you need to change something, follow this cycle:

# Sync your repository to head.
git pull

# Change something.
vim ~/Documents/tasks/day1/foo/en/foo.tex

# Review and stage your changes.
git status
git diff
git add day1/task/task.{tex,pdf}

# Commit and push.
git commit -m "Updated limits for task Foo."
git push

If you need an introduction to git, visit

Configuring LaTeX

The LaTeX class files are stored in "latex" subdirectory, and figures are stored in subdirectory "figures". In order to compile task statements, you will need to tell LaTeX about these directories. One way to achieve that is to add symlinks in standard LaTeX searched directories:

mkdir -p ~/Library/texmf/tex/
ln -s ~/Documents/tasks/latex ~/Library/texmf/tex/boi2014-latex
ln -s ~/Documents/tasks/figures ~/Library/texmf/tex/boi2014-figures

Or if you use Linux:

mkdir -p ~/texmf/tex/
ln -s ~/Documents/tasks/latex ~/texmf/tex/boi2014-latex
ln -s ~/Documents/tasks/figures ~/texmf/tex/boi2014-figures

Alternatively you can set TEXINPUTS enviroment variable, or use settings of your prefered GUI editor.

Translating Task Statements

First translate the LaTeX class file for your language, which contains common strings used as section headers. For example, the German translations should be added to the file "latex/boi2014-de.cls". Any additional packages required to support your language should also be added to this file.

Then make a copy of task you want to translate (be sure to respect the naming convention), set your language specific class file as documentclass and translate the text of the task statement. For example, for German language the document class should be set as follows:


When finished, check-in both the LaTeX source file and the compiled PDF file.


BOI 2014 task descriptions, translations, test data and solutions.






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