An attempt to re-write the popular retirement calculator ( in mainly javascript, and begin the journey toward open-source.
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Current Demo Available:

Purpose: This project is intended to bring absolute transparency to the cFIREsim project, to refresh the code and move it away from PHP and into Javascript, and to provide the opportunity for others in the FIRE community to participate in the rebuilding effort.


  • I will not be disclosing all of my previous PHP code. This was written quite awhile ago, when I was much more novice at programming than I am today. There are crazy inefficiencies and poor organization. For more complicated logic examples, I will bring forth snippets of the old code for reference.

  • The goal is to write cFIREsim-open more or less completely in Javascript. A few simple AJAX calls to the database are all that's needed to get the ball rolling on simulation crunching.

  • I have a full-time job AND another for-fun programming project. This project originally took me months to develop. With those things in mind, progress may be slow.

Collaboration: Primary discussion of the project can be done on the cFIREsim forums at: To request access to the Open Source forum, PM bo_knows. Alternatively, email me at

License: This software falls under the Apache License 2.0