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Kurviger Api Documentation

Documentation of the motorcycle routing API of Kurviger. The Kurviger API is offered as part of the GraphHopper directions API (more information can be found here and here). The Kurviger API is perfectly suitable for you if you are looking for a motorcycle routing API. Kurviger is optimized to calculate routes that are fun to ride with a motorcycle and respects road rules for motorcyclists. If you would like to get access to the Kurviger API please contact either Kurviger or GraphHopper and we can set up access for you.

In most parts, the Kurviger API is similar to the GraphHopper API, which is documented here. This documentation will thererfore only cover the differences.

Note: this documentation contains all parameters that you are allowed to use when you have an active subscription. Kurviger contains some advanced options that are only allowed to use after receiving written permission.


Parameter Default Description
vehicle [KURVIGER_VEHICLE] The vehicle for which the route should be calculated. Kurviger only offers motorcycle routing. We will send you the correct vehicle after you sign up for the api
weighting   curvature     Specifies the "road rating", you can choose between fastest which calculates the fastest route and curvature, which calculates a curvy and fun route optimized for motorcyclists.
elevation   true   If true a third dimension - the elevation - is included in the polyline or in the GeoJson. IMPORTANT: If enabled you have to use a modified version of the decoding method or set points_encoded to false. See the points_encoded attribute for more details.
additional_weighting                 Adds an additional weighting on top of your already choosen one. For roundtrips you should pass avoid_edges to reduce the chance of taking the same road twice. This will avoid taking the same road twice.
avoid_motorways     false           If set to true, motorways are avoided where possible
avoid_ferries     false           If set to true, ferries are avoided where possible
avoid_toll_roads   false           If set to true, toll roads are avoided.
ch.disable   true           In contrast to the GraphHopper routing API, Kurviger does not support CH. This means very long routes, or routes crossing continents might not be possible, please test this for your use case.


Parameter Default Description
round_trip.distance   50000         Specify the approximate length of a roundtrip in meter. The maximum distance is 300000 (300km/~186mi).
round_trip.seed   0           Specify the seed of a roundtrip. The results of the calculation is always the same for the same seed. If you want random roundtrips, generate a random long and pass it.
heading   -           Specify the approximate heading a roundtrips should go to. The heading parameter is not only used for roundtrips, but also for routing itself. Very helpful when starting the navigating while driving, so we can make sure the route starts into the direction we are heading.