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Bolt Design System Wiki

Welcome to the Bolt wiki! Explore and learn about how to use the design system.

Table of Contents

  1. Slackbot Helper
  2. Accessibility
  3. Contributor Guidelines
  4. Consumer Guidelines
  5. List of POCs

Slackbot Helper

In a channel or DM with yourself/bot within the DigtialIT Slack, type docbot: help for a list of commands. Docbot is a quick way to access some of the Wiki information within Slack.


Contributor Guidelines

Bolt Specific Templates

  1. Twig: Example Component
  2. JS: Example Component
  3. Schema: Example Component
  4. README: Example Component
  5. Example Jest Test

Bolt Specific Workflows

  1. Deprecations
  2. Releases

Consumer Guidelines

Drupal Integration

Build from Design Mockups

  1. From Design Mockup to Code
  2. Customize Component with Schema
  3. Override with Utility Classes

Build from Scratch

  1. Customize Component with Schema
  2. Build with Utility Classes?
  3. Build a One-off Snowflake
  4. Build a New Component

List of POCs

Proof of concepts for future updates.