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Bombbomb - JavaScript client for bombbomb We make it easy to build relationships using simple videos. This SDK is automatically generated by the Swagger Codegen project:

  • API version: 2.0.831
  • Package version: 2.0.25798
  • Build package: io.swagger.codegen.languages.JavascriptClientCodegen


For Node.js


To publish the library as a npm, please follow the procedure in "Publishing npm packages".

Then install it via:

npm install bombbomb --save
Local development

To use the library locally without publishing to a remote npm registry, first install the dependencies by changing into the directory containing package.json (and this README). Let's call this JAVASCRIPT_CLIENT_DIR. Then run:

npm install

Next, link it globally in npm with the following, also from JAVASCRIPT_CLIENT_DIR:

npm link

Finally, switch to the directory you want to use your bombbomb from, and run:

npm link /path/to/<JAVASCRIPT_CLIENT_DIR>

You should now be able to require('bombbomb') in javascript files from the directory you ran the last command above from.


If the library is hosted at a git repository, e.g. then install it via:

    npm install GIT_USER_ID/GIT_REPO_ID --save

For browser

The library also works in the browser environment via npm and browserify. After following the above steps with Node.js and installing browserify with npm install -g browserify, perform the following (assuming main.js is your entry file, that's to say your javascript file where you actually use this library):

browserify main.js > bundle.js

Then include bundle.js in the HTML pages.

Webpack Configuration

Using Webpack you may encounter the following error: "Module not found: Error: Cannot resolve module", most certainly you should disable AMD loader. Add/merge the following section to your webpack config:

module: {
  rules: [
      parser: {
        amd: false

Getting Started

Please follow the installation instruction and execute the following JS code:

var Bombbomb = require('bombbomb');

var defaultClient = Bombbomb.ApiClient.instance;

// Configure OAuth2 access token for authorization: BBOAuth2
var BBOAuth2 = defaultClient.authentications['BBOAuth2'];
BBOAuth2.accessToken = "YOUR ACCESS TOKEN"

var api = new Bombbomb.AccountsApi()

var callback = function(error, data, response) {
  if (error) {
  } else {
    console.log('API called successfully.');

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
Bombbomb.AccountsApi accountDetails GET /accounts Get account details.
Bombbomb.AccountsApi createAccount POST /accounts Create Account
Bombbomb.AccountsApi getClientStatistics GET /accounts/stats Get Client Statistics
Bombbomb.AccountsApi getUserCountry GET /accounts/{clientId}/country Gets user country
Bombbomb.AccountsApi resetApiKey PUT /accounts/apikey Reset API key
Bombbomb.AccountsApi subscriptionPurchaseAllowed GET /accounts/purchaseable Check if subscription purchase allowed.
Bombbomb.AccountsApi updateProfileData POST /account/profile/ Add profile information.
Bombbomb.AutomationsApi getDripDropStats GET /automation/{dripId}/dripdrop/{dripDropId}/stats Get Automation Email Stats
Bombbomb.AutomationsApi getDripStats GET /automation/{id}/stats Get Automation Stats
Bombbomb.AutomationsApi getSchedulingStatus GET /automation/{id}/scheduling/status Get the number of pending scheduling calculations
Bombbomb.ContactsApi addContactsCSV POST /contacts/import_csv Add contacts from a CSV file.
Bombbomb.ContactsApi addNewContact POST /contacts/ Add a contact.
Bombbomb.ContactsApi addNewCustomField POST /contacts/custom_fields/ Add custom fields.
Bombbomb.ContactsApi addPastedContacts POST /contacts/paste Add pasted contacts.
Bombbomb.ContactsApi cSVToObject POST /csv-to-object Format CSV.
Bombbomb.ContactsApi deleteContacts PUT /contacts/delete Delete Contacts
Bombbomb.ContactsApi getContactById GET /contact/{id} Get Contact Details
Bombbomb.ContactsApi getCustomFields GET /contacts/custom_fields/ Get custom fields.
Bombbomb.CurriculumApi getCurricula GET /curricula/ Get Curricula
Bombbomb.CurriculumApi getUserCurriculumWithProgress GET /curriculum/getForUserWithProgress Get Detailed For User
Bombbomb.EmailsApi createPrintingPressEmail POST /emails/print Create an Email with Printing Press
Bombbomb.EmailsApi getAllTemplatesForCurrentUser GET /emails/templates Get all user templates
Bombbomb.EmailsApi getEmailTracking GET /emails/{emailId}/tracking Get Email Tracking
Bombbomb.EmailsApi getEmailTrackingInteractions GET /emails/{emailId}/tracking/interactions Get Email Tracking Interactions
Bombbomb.EmailsApi getHourlyEmailTracking GET /emails/{emailId}/tracking/hourly Get Hourly Email Tracking
Bombbomb.EmailsApi getLiveFireData GET /emails/livefire Get livefire feed data
Bombbomb.EmailsApi getQuickSendTemplates GET /emails/quicksend/templates Get all quicksend templates
Bombbomb.EmailsApi getTemplateHtmlForTemplateId GET /emails/templates/{templateId}/html Get the HTML for a given template
Bombbomb.EmailsApi getVideoQuickSenderData GET /emails/quicksend Get quicksend data
Bombbomb.EmailsApi saveQuickSenderSettings POST /emails/quicksend/settings Save quicksender settings
Bombbomb.EmailsApi videoQuickSender POST /emails/quicksend Send a quicksend email
Bombbomb.FilesApi docHostDelete DELETE /files/{docId} Delete file
Bombbomb.FilesApi docHostGet GET /files/{docId} Get file
Bombbomb.FilesApi docHostList GET /files List all files
Bombbomb.FilesApi docHostUploadV2 POST /files Upload a file
Bombbomb.FilesApi getHostedImagesPaged GET /files/images/paged Get paged hosted images
Bombbomb.FormsApi getFormTrackingAsCsv GET /forms/{id}/tracking/export Get csv
Bombbomb.IntegrationsApi connectIntegration POST /integrations Activate an integration for a user.
Bombbomb.IntegrationsApi deleteIntegration DELETE /integrations Remove an integration for a user.
Bombbomb.IntegrationsApi getIntegrationHealth GET /integrations/health/{code} Get health for a given integration
Bombbomb.IntegrationsApi getIntegrationPageComponents GET /integrations/pageComponents Get page components for a given integration
Bombbomb.IntegrationsApi syncUsersIntegratedLists GET /integrations/sync Synchronize your integration list or lists.
Bombbomb.ListsApi addNewList POST /lists/ Add list.
Bombbomb.ListsApi clearList PUT /lists/{listId}/clear Clear Contacts from List
Bombbomb.ListsApi copyListContacts POST /lists/{listId}/copy Copy All Contacts from a List
Bombbomb.ListsApi getAllLists GET /lists/ Get all Lists
Bombbomb.ListsApi suppressAllInList PUT /lists/{listId}/suppress Suppress All Contacts from List
Bombbomb.OrdersApi templateAssetDelete DELETE /orders/templates/images Deletes image from user s3 store
Bombbomb.PromptsApi createPromptBot POST /prompts/bots Create a running Prompt Bot for a list
Bombbomb.PromptsApi createVideoEmailPrompt POST /prompt Prompts user to send a video
Bombbomb.PromptsApi getAlternateCampaignContent GET /campaign/{campaignId}/content/alternate List alternate campaign content
Bombbomb.PromptsApi getPendingVideoEmailPrompts GET /prompt/pending List pending prompts
Bombbomb.PromptsApi getPromptBots GET /prompts/bots List Prompt Bots
Bombbomb.PromptsApi getPromptCampaigns GET /prompts/{userId}/campaigns List Prompt Campaigns
Bombbomb.PromptsApi getVideoEmailPrompt GET /prompt/{id} Gets a prompt
Bombbomb.PromptsApi getVideoEmailPrompts GET /prompt/ List prompts
Bombbomb.PromptsApi respondToVideoEmailPrompt POST /prompt/{id}/response Respond to a prompt
Bombbomb.PromptsApi sendPromptImmediately POST /prompt/{id}/sendit
Bombbomb.PromptsApi syncPromptSubscriptions POST /prompts/campaigns/sync Syncs Campaigns and One to Ones Subscriptions for User
Bombbomb.PromptsApi updatePrompt PUT /prompts/{id} Update Prompt
Bombbomb.PromptsApi updatePromptBot PUT /prompts/bots/{id} Update Prompt Bot
Bombbomb.PromptsApi updatePromptCampaign PUT /prompts/campaigns/{clientGroupId} Update Prompt Campaign
Bombbomb.PromptsApi updatePromptTemplate PUT /prompts/{id}/content Update Prompt Content
Bombbomb.SocialsApi getFacebookPages GET /socials/facebook/pages Gets facebook pages
Bombbomb.SocialsApi getSocialArticleProperties GET /socials/properties Gets the social email properties
Bombbomb.SocialsApi getSocialAuthorizations GET /socials/authorizations Get authorizations for all social integration
Bombbomb.SocialsApi getSocialProfileProperties GET /socials/profile Gets the profile properties
Bombbomb.SocialsApi getSocialStats GET /socials/{promptId}/stats Get social stats for a prompt
Bombbomb.SocialsApi postSocialContent POST /socials/content Creates social content
Bombbomb.SocialsApi retrySocialSend POST /socials/send/retry Sends social content
Bombbomb.SocialsApi sendSocial POST /socials/send Sends social content
Bombbomb.SocialsApi updateClientGroupSendMechanism PUT /socials/client/sendMechanism Gets the auto shares from the client group assoc id
Bombbomb.SocialsApi updateClientGroupsSendMechanism PUT /socials/client/sendMechanisms Toggles the prompt campaigns in a users account
Bombbomb.SocialsApi updateFacebookPages PUT /socials/facebook/pages Updates facebook page Ids
Bombbomb.SocialsApi updateSocialContent PUT /socials/content Updates social content
Bombbomb.TeamsApi addTeamMember POST /team/{teamId}/member Add Member to Team
Bombbomb.TeamsApi addUsers POST /team/{teamId}/members Add users to group.
Bombbomb.TeamsApi addUsersFromCsv POST /team/{teamId}/members/csv Add members to group from CSV
Bombbomb.TeamsApi cancelJerichoSend DELETE /team/{teamId}/jericho/{jerichoId} Cancel a Jericho Send
Bombbomb.TeamsApi createSubteam POST /team/{teamId}/subteam Add a Subteam
Bombbomb.TeamsApi deleteSubteam DELETE /team/{teamId}/subteam Delete Subteam
Bombbomb.TeamsApi getAllClientGroupAssociations GET /team/associations/ Lists team associations
Bombbomb.TeamsApi getClientGroupAssets GET /team/assets/ Lists team assets
Bombbomb.TeamsApi getClientGroupStatistics GET /team/{teamId}/stats Get Team statistics
Bombbomb.TeamsApi getJerichoSends GET /team/{teamId}/jericho List Jericho Sends
Bombbomb.TeamsApi getJerichoStats GET /team/{teamId}/jericho/{jerichoId}/performance Gets Jericho performance statistics
Bombbomb.TeamsApi getPagedClientGroupMembers GET /team/{teamId}/members List Team Members
Bombbomb.TeamsApi getPromptMonthlyStats GET /team/{month}/{year}/monthStats Jericho Monthly Stats
Bombbomb.TeamsApi getPromptOverview GET /team/promptOverview Get Prompt Overview
Bombbomb.TeamsApi getSubteams GET /team/{teamId}/subteam List Subteams
Bombbomb.TeamsApi getTeamPromptAggregateStats GET /team/{clientGroupId}/campaign/stats Get aggregate stats for campaigns
Bombbomb.TeamsApi getTeamPromptCampaigns GET /team/{clientGroupId}/campaign Get campaigns for team
Bombbomb.TeamsApi inviteToSocialPromptTeam POST /teams/prompt/invite Invite a list to join the admin's social prompt team
Bombbomb.TeamsApi queueJerichoSend POST /team/{teamId}/jericho Creates a Jericho send.
Bombbomb.TeamsApi removeMemberFromTeam DELETE /team/{teamId}/member/{userId} Remove Member from Team
Bombbomb.TeamsApi resendTeamMemberInvitation POST /team/{teamId}/{memberUserId}/rewelcome Resend invite
Bombbomb.TeamsApi updateJerichoPromptSend PUT /team/{teamId}/jericho/{jerichoId} Updates the Jericho Prompt Settings
Bombbomb.TeamsApi updateTeam POST /team/{teamId} Update a team
Bombbomb.TeamsApi updateTeamMember PUT /team/{teamId}/member Update Member of Team
Bombbomb.UsersApi getClientContactInformation GET /clients/contact/information Get client contact information.
Bombbomb.UsersApi getUserProfileInfo GET /users/profile/information Get user profile information.
Bombbomb.UtilitiesApi createOAuthClient POST /oauthclient Create an OAuth Client
Bombbomb.UtilitiesApi deleteOAuthClient DELETE /oauthclient/{id} Delete an OAuth Client
Bombbomb.UtilitiesApi getOAuthClients GET /oauthclient Lists OAuth Clients
Bombbomb.UtilitiesApi getSpec GET /spec Describes this api
Bombbomb.VideosApi getVideoEncodingStatus GET /videos/{videoId}/status Video Encoding Status
Bombbomb.VideosApi getVideoRecorder GET /videos/live/getRecorder Get Live Video Recorder HTML
Bombbomb.VideosApi markLiveRecordingComplete POST /videos/live/markComplete Completes a live recording
Bombbomb.VideosApi signUpload POST /video/signedUpload Generate Signed Url
Bombbomb.VideosApi updateVideoThumbnailV2 PUT /videos/thumbnail Upload thumbnail
Bombbomb.WebhooksApi addWebHook POST /webhook Add Webhook
Bombbomb.WebhooksApi deleteWebHook DELETE /webhook/{hookId} Deletes Webhook
Bombbomb.WebhooksApi getWebHooks GET /webhook/ Lists Webhooks
Bombbomb.WebhooksApi listWebHookEvents GET /webhook/events Describe WebHook Events
Bombbomb.WebhooksApi sendWebhookExample POST /webhook/test Sends test Webhook

Documentation for Models

Documentation for Authorization


  • Type: OAuth
  • Flow: implicit
  • Authorization URL:
  • Scopes:
    • all:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb information
    • all:read: View your BombBomb information
    • email:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb emails
    • email:read: View your BombBomb emails
    • video:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb videos
    • video:read: View your BombBomb videos
    • contact:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb contacts
    • contact:read: View your BombBomb contacts
    • curriculum:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb challenges
    • curriculum:read: View your BombBomb challenges
    • automation:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb automations
    • automation:read: View your BombBomb automations
    • form:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb forms
    • form:read: View your BombBomb forms
    • list:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb lists
    • team:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb teams
    • team:read: View your BombBomb teams
    • order:manage: Manage your BombBomb orders
    • settings:manage: Manage your BombBomb settings
    • file:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb files
    • file:read: View your BombBomb files
    • account:manage: View & Manage your BombBomb account
    • account:read: View your BombBomb account