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Because moving Artboards manually is *so* 2016
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Sketch Artboard Manager

This plugin automatically arranges the position of all Artboards in your Sketch document, to snap them to rows & columns.



Once the plugin is installed, Artboards will be arranged automatically when moved or resized.

If, for some reason, you want to arrange your Artboards manually, you can choose the Artboard Manager › Arrange Artboards menu option.


You can tweak some of the settings by opening Plugins › Artboard Manager › Settings:

  • Horizontal Space: the amount of pixels you want to have between your Artboard columns. The default is 50.
  • Vertical Space: the amount of pixels you want to have between your Artboard rows. The default is 100.
  • Rename Artboards: if enabled, the plugin will rename all Artboards in the current page when arranging the layout, so handle it with care!
  • Arrange on Add: if enabled, the Artboards will be automatically arranged when a new Artboard is added to the canvas.
  • Arrange Symbols: if enabled, Artboards which are masters for Symbols are also arranged.
  • Arrange Symbols Page: if enabled, Artboards in the Symbols page will be arranged when you move them. It defaults to off, in case you’re using something like Symbol Organiser.
  • Exclude Pattern: if you Artboard names start with this pattern, they will be ignored by the plugin.


  • Arrange artboards on deletion and rotation
  • Ability to enable the plugin per document / page
  • Ability to rename Artboards automatically based on multiple criteria
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