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A simple cli for CloudApp written in Ruby.


cloudapp-cli depends on the cloudapp_api, so first install it as a gem dependency:

gem install cloudapp_api

# on ruby 1.8 the json gem is not installed by default
gem install json

Install with the one-liner (shock!) (make sure that your /usr/local/bin is writable and it's in PATH):

cd /usr/local/bin && curl -fOs && chmod +x cloudapp && cd -



cloudapp config passw0rd

List all your drops:

cloudapp list

Show your stats:

cloudapp stats

Upload files:

cloudapp upload drumandbass.ogg cheatsheet.png

Upload a file as private:

cloudapp upload -p topsecret.pdf

Download a drop to current directory:

cloudapp download dZ69

Change a drop to private:

cloudapp private dZ69

Change all drops to public:

cloudapp public

Rename a drop:

cloudapp rename dZ69 UserGuide.txt

Delete a drop:

cloudapp delete dZ69

Recover a drop:

cloudapp recover dZ69

Jump to your homepage:

cloudapp home


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