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Bonita Cloud documentation resources

This repository containsBonita Cloud documentation resources documentation site content. It uses Markdown to create documentation content.

View rendered content on GitHub

Using the Github Markdown Format allows to check the documentation directly on the GitHub repository website.

Hence a simple way to view documentation content is to browse the md folder on GitHub website.

This Table of contents is also provided to ease your navigation.

Build project

The project contains several tasks to generate the documentation content.


Use npm run build to have the HTML files generated to the build/html directory.

This command requires one argument:

  • application - URL prefix when serving documentation images. Image URLs will be like:
<img src="${application}/images/latest/<image_filename>"/>

Example: With application=cloud, generated HTML will contain img tags like:

<img src="cloud/images/latest/cloud_overview.png"/>

Providing arguments to the HTML build command is done with one of the following syntaxes:

npm run build -- [application] 
npm run build -- -a [application]
npm run build -- -a [application]


npm run build -- cloud
npm run build -- -a cloud


Once the HTML content has been generated, the taxonomy.json file can be generated from the build/html/taxonomy.html file.

Use the npm run taxonomy command to do so.


To help you contributing to Bonita Intelligent Continuous Improvement documentation, we provide a set of contribution guidelines.

Thanks for taking time to contribute!

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