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Bonita portal js

Part of bonita portal written using AngularJs


  • node.js > v6.9.4
  • yarn > v0.27.5
  • maven > 3.3.9

Development tasks

Please run yarn install Before launching any of following tasks

Launch project in development mode

Before running project in development mode, you need to launch a Bonita backend available on URL http://localhost:8080/ Then launch:

yarn start

Project should be running at URL http://localhost:9000/bonita/portaljs/

Launch unit tests

yarn run test

Launch unit tests in watch mode

yarn run test:watch

Launch end to end tests

yarn run e2e

You can run specific e2e class test with this command line.

yarn run e2eOnly --specs=path_to_file.e2e.js

Launch end to end tests in headless mode

yarn run e2e:headless

Launch end to end tests in headless mode

yarn run e2e:headless

Build project

yarn run build


Localization keys can be extracted from source files to an .pot output file (./target/portal-js.pot). To do so, run the following command

yarn run pot

Maven build

Project can also be built using maven

mvn clean package [-Pe2e]

This will build the project, package it in a zip file and, run end to end test if e2e profile is activated

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