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WordPress plugin that extend Custom Fields to include textareas, WYSIWYG-editor, files, attachments, well basically anything
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Simple Fields WordPress Custom Fields Plugin

Simple Fields is a WordPress plugin that adds visual Custom Fields, hence making them more usably for end users (aka customers).

This version here at GitHub is the development version. Please see for the latest and stable version.

Current build status

Master branch Build Status

Develop branch Build Status


Works great for attachments

Screenshot 2

Mix fields any way you want to

Screenshot 1

Field Types

There are many built in custom field types in Simple Fields:

  • Color picker field
  • Date- & Timepicker field
  • Dropdown field
  • File field
  • Checkbox field
  • Radiobutton field
  • Textarea/HTML/TinyMCE field
  • and more ...


Adding fields

Use the GUI in WordPress or use PHP directly in your functions.php like this:

Getting field values


$textfield_output = simple_fields_value("my_text_field");
$file_attachment = simple_fields_value("my_file_field");

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