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A prometheus exporter for Provides Prometheus metrics from the API endpoint of Coinmarketcap, such as US price, Bitcoin price, trading volume, etc. Blog post found here.

When running this exporter with both Prometheus and Grafana, you can create dashboards like:



  • Build the image:
docker build -t coinmarketcap-exporter:latest .
  • Run it while listening on localhost:9100:
docker run --rm -p coinmarketcap-exporter:latest
  • Run it interactively:
docker run --rm -it --entrypoint=/bin/bash -p -v ${PWD}:/opt/coinmarketcap-exporter coinmarketcap-exporter:latest
  • Then to launch:

Testing the Prometheus Grafana Stack

  • In the prometheus-compose directory, run:
docker-compose up

Thanks and Links

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