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Bookie python api and command line client
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Bookie Api and Command Line Client

This is a python implementation of the Bookie api and a command line client to interact with our Bookie installation.


The initial commands are admin related I need to help run and operate the installation.

Getting Started

You need to create a .bookierc in your home directory with your username, api key, and api url for the site.



# check out the help for each command level
$ bookie --help
$ bookie invite --help
$ bookie invite set --help

# check your configuration by making a ping request
$ bookie ping

# Invite commands
$ bookie invite list

# set 'someuser' to have 10 invites
$ bookie invite set -u someuser -i 10

# Import commands
$ bookie import list

# User Commands
$ bookie user list
$ bookie user add -u testing -e
$ bookie user delete -u testing
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