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👋 Welcome to the Boomerang community

Boomerang is a collection of open source, cloud-native projects for CI/CD and automation. You can learn more here

This is the community, roadmap, planning, and architecture repository. Where you can find information on:

  • joining and contributing to the community
  • governance
  • roadmap and releases.
  • architecture (including decisions)

Roadmap and Planning

Take a look at our high-level roadmap

We use GitHub Issues Projects for our release management, if you want to take a look at the active release or the roadmap:


The following documentation will help guide us all as we strive to create a community working together to build open source tools.

Community Meeting

A community meeting will be held every two weeks on Tuesday at 3:30pm US Central Timezone for 30 minutes.

To get access to this meeting and the agenda, please join the Boomerang IO google group

Documentation & Presentations

Want to get involved?

We welcome all contributions to the project and you can reach out to us via slack or through GitHub.

How to Contribute

Like any good development project, we use Pull Requests (PRs) to track code changes. We recommend that if you want to contrubute and implement a fix, change, or enhancement, you do so by linking the PR with an Issue.

Typically this is achieved by forking the repository and create a PR to be able to link this to the parent repository and request a merge.

GitHub Issue Types

There are 5 types of issues that we have added to the issue templates. Epic and Task are generally reserved for the active development team and related to implementing a Change or Enhancemnet

Type Purpose
🐛 Bug Report Create a report to help us improve if something isn't working as expected.
✨ Change or Enhancement A change or improvement suggestion.
💬 Support or Inquiry When help is needed or to track questions.
🚀 Epic A theme of work that is required to complete the larger goal
🔨 Task Steps to implement a feature

Commit Messages

The commit message should state the change in 72 characters or less. Additionally we recommend, and require in some repositories, the usage of a commit lint and conventional commit so that we can map these to Release Notes.


This is the Boomerang community, roadmap, planning, and architecture repository. The central place for information on joining, contributing, and governance.




Code of conduct