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@tianon tianon released this Feb 26, 2019 · 67 commits to master since this release

Warning: the AUFS storage driver is deprecated in boot2docker and AUFS support is removed in 18.09+. You can continue with AUFS in boot2docker 18.06.x, but it is recommended to reset your disk image before updating to 18.09+. See #1326 for more discussion.

Changes: v18.09.2...v18.09.3-rc1

$ sha512sum boot2docker.iso
1202e05fb1d80510786701946fd066a7d02d71d5dc71fcc50555866a2d801364e6e80c240a53beefa12bf976a5689bdba2794b71e1a8b0808e814510f4fc925f  boot2docker.iso
$ sha256sum boot2docker.iso
d4474070ee147f5433884454c88c1eb7b2f08d53dd882c6f105a5fbf00607b0c  boot2docker.iso
$ sha1sum boot2docker.iso
a043342af3135d803eb8b00a94553a08f618a37a  boot2docker.iso
$ md5sum boot2docker.iso
2eb93a4d1b84fb99d21ae387ad4fb0ec  boot2docker.iso
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