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# Uninstall Script
if [ "$(which boot2docker)" == "" ]; then
echo "boot2docker does not exist on your machine!"
exit 1
if [ "${USER}" != "root" ]; then
echo "$0 must be run as root!"
exit 2
echo "Stopping boot2docker processes..."
boot2docker stop && boot2docker delete
echo "Removing boot2docker executable..."
rm -f /usr/local/bin/boot2docker
echo "Removing boot2docker ISO and socket files..."
rm -rf ~/.boot2docker
rm -rf /usr/local/share/boot2docker
echo "Removing boot2docker SSH keys..."
rm -f ~/.ssh/id_boot2docker*
echo "Removing boot2docker OSX files..."
rm -f /private/var/db/receipts/io.boot2docker.*
rm -f /private/var/db/receipts/io.boot2dockeriso.*
echo "Removing Docker executable..."
rm -f /usr/local/bin/docker
echo "All Done!"