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Provides a number of modules for your Bootique apps to work with JDBC data stores:

  • bootique-jdbc - an abstract module providing injectable configurable map of named JDBC connection pools (java.sql.DataSource instances). Normally you won't be importing this module directly. It will be added automatically as a transitive dependency of concrete modules. There are currently two choices shown below - Tomcat and Hikari.

  • bootique-jdbc-tomcat - a concrete module that provides configurable Tomcat Connection Pool.

  • bootique-jdbc-hikaricp - a concrete module that provides configurable Hikari Connection Pool.

  • bootique-jdbc-tomcat-instrumented - a variation of bootique-jdbc-tomcat with support for performance metrics.

  • bootique-jdbc-hikaricp-instrumented - a variation of bootique-jdbc-hikaricp with support for performance metrics and health checks.

  • bootique-jdbc-junit5 - a DB testing facility for JUnit 5 that helps to prepare test databases (in-memory or Docker-based), datasets and run assertions against the DB data. Supports API-based and CSV-based data sets. Can be used to test any apps that read or write from/to RDBMS. E.g. Bootique JDBC apps, non-Bootique JDBC apps, Cayenne apps.

  • bootique-jdbc-test - a DB testing facility for JUnit 4. Not as advanced and somewhat convoluted compared to bootique-jdbc-junit5.

See usage example bootique-jdbc-demo.


JDBC DataSource integration with Bootique




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