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TYPO3 extension Fluid Content - Bootstrap: Fluid Content Elements for Twitter Bootstrap using VHS
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Deprecated in favor for the successor
Fluid Theme for Twitter Bootstrap

Fluid Content Elements for Twitter Bootstrap

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What is it?

A collection of Twitter Boostrap oriented Fluid Content Elements written for EXT:fluidcontent using ViewHelpers from EXT:vhs.

What does it do?

Provides the template files and TypoScript setup necessary to use the included elements.

How does it do it?

By leveraging the integration logic provided by EXT:fluidcontent - enabling use of specially constructed Fluid templates as content elements, much like the Flexible Content Elements concept from TemplaVoila.

How is it installed?

Download, install the extension and include the static TypoScript configuration.

How is it used?

After installation and inclusion of the static TypoScript, the included content elements will be available as new content element types when inserting new content.

When inserted, each content element contains a special panel with configuration specifying how to render the content element.


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