python library to build paragliders
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someday, hopefully this is open source paraglider design software

Try It

Clone the git-repo first:

git clone

Install using Pip:

cd OpenGlider
pip install -e .

Or manually install all dependencies (using distro-repos, easy_install or pip)

  • ezodf2
  • dxfwrite
  • scipy
  • (svgwrite)
  • (vtk)

If you want to permanently install link it to the python packages or install with

  python2 develop

we use python2 as vtk is not yet available for python3.


Every module inside openglider has a README where the functionality is documented. Please have a look at the base module.

Unittests and Visual Tests

To run all unittests, run this from the main directory:


Or use -a to also run visual tests

./ -a

Development Progress

While still being in an early status, here is some little screenshots to see the progress:

screenshot gui screenshot testcell with miniribs screenshot demokite with central minirib screenshot demokite plots plots

The plan is to build on:

It will take some time, if you want to help, feel free to do so!

Using some older code, we already created a few prototypes which can be seen on