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Flappy Doge 2048 (Nyan Cat edition)

Because crazy can be fun.

Play here (temporary link).

W + S control Doge, while arrow keys control 2048 blocks.

Move and merge the blocks to give space for the doge to go through. Catch the Nyan cats to slow down.

Game screenshot

TODO: randomized game over screen with more memes, preferrably historical/science to make this less cringeworthy and more up-to-date.

  • browse memes folder and list general topics in order
  • find October 2016 cut off point
    • (that was a lot fewer than I thought. Pick up the pace, people!)
  • write a few sentences for each
  • add game over screen


  • misleading statistics (spiders georg is already a few years old)
  • mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
  • trolley problem
  • speedrunning (bit of a dud)
  • mandella effect
  • harambe (does it count?)
  • cask of Amontillado
  • the cask is recently popular, and saw only one "place of honor" in the wild so far. This should be around now, October 2016
  • this is not a place of honor
  • trump's presidency (does it count?)
  • ea-nasir
  • nevermore raven
  • suicide forest
  • ozymandias
  • panzerschokolade (not sure about date)
  • area 51
  • carcinisation
  • derivatives
  • coronavirus
  • demon core
  • sentinel island (bit of a dud)
  • inflation (does it count?)
  • stonehenge
  • georgism
  • first inflection
  • thagomizer (bit of a dud)
  • tarrare (bit of a dud)
  • 501st Legion (bit of a dud)
  • voynich manuscript
  • mansa musa
  • sober sue
  • secessions of the plebeians
  • arthritic neanderthal (bit of a dud)
  • project orion
  • alice and bob
  • nuclear manhole
  • false vacuum decay (bit of a dud)
  • ...


Tiny, buggy game. Because why not?







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