Phylogeny and species trait effects on detectability
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lhreg: Phylogeny and species trait effects on detectability

build status DOI License: GPL v2

The lhreg R extension package is a supporting material for the manuscript by Solymos et al. (see Citation) The package contains the (1) data, (2) analysis code used in the manuscript, and (3) code required to summarize the results and produce tables and figures.


The R package is hosted on GitHub. Please submit issues here.

The package is archived on Zenodo with DOI 10.5281/zenodo.596410.


The package can be installed as:


The supporting information with reproducible code can be viewed as:

vignette(topic = "lhreg", package = "lhreg")


Peter Solymos, Steven M. Matsuoka, Diana Stralberg, Nicole K. S. Barker, and Erin M. Bayne, 2018. Phylogeny and species traits predict bird detectability. Ecography, DOI 10.1111/ecog.03415.

The figure above shows singing rates (SR) and detection distances (DD) along a phylogenetic tree for the 141 bird species used in the study.