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IRC bot written in Python.

Botnet implements nearly all core functionality in a form of modules which can be loaded and unloaded at will and communicate with one another using signals. Thanks to that design a module which encounters serious issues does not affect the execution of other modules. Furthermore all features of the bot can be enabled and disabled at will and the modules can be updated without restarting the entire bot and reconnecting to the IRC network simply by reloading a module. It is possible to use built-in modules or create easy to load and integrate user-maintained external modules distributed in a form of Python packages.


pip install --process-dependency-links git+


botnet --help
botnet run --help
botnet run /path/to/config.json

Available modules

To see all available modules navigate to botnet.modules.builtin directory. Each module is provided with a comment containing a description and an example config snippet.


Config snippets from the module description can be added to the module_config key in the config file. This is the general structure of the config file:

    "modules": ["module_name1", "module_name2"],
    "module_config": {
        "namespace": {
            "module_name": {
                "config_parameter": "value"

All builtin modules use the namespace botnet. Most modules are based on the BaseResponder module, so to change the default command prefix alter the module_config.botnet.base_responder.command_prefix configuration key. See the example config for details.

Example config

    "modules": ["irc", "meta"],
    "module_config": {
        "botnet": {
            "irc": {
                "server": "",
                "port": 6697,
                "ssl": true,
                "nick": "my_bot",
                "channels": [
                        "name": "#my-channel",
                        "password": null
                "autosend": [
                    "PRIVMSG your_nick :I connected!"
            "base_responder": {
                "command_prefix": "."