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openFrameworks implementation of GIST real-time sound analysis library
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openFrameworks implementation of GIST real-time sound analysis library


An openFrameworks implementation of Adam Stark's real-time sound analysis library Gist

NOTE UPDATE May 25, 2015

ofxGist has no dependencies, but the example makes use of a modified ofxOpenALSoundPlayer. It is included only as a way of getting the soundbuffer out of loaded sound. There are other ways you can do that. This player includes a version of kissFFT. You can remove the one included in Gist.

It is also using a slightly modified ofxHistoryPlot from @armadillu to add a dynamic getVariable method to be able to plot based on gist feature list

by /Andreas Borg

From Gist page


Gist is a C++ audio analysis library intended for use in real-time applications. It contains a range of audio analysis algorithms, including:

  • Simple Time Domain Features (e.g. RMS, Zero Crossing Rate)
  • Simple Frequency Domain Features (e.g. Spectral Centroid, Spectral Flatness)
  • Onset Detection Functions (e.g. Energy Difference, Complex Spectral Difference)
  • Pitch Detection
  • Mel-frequency Representations (e.g. Mel-frequency Spectrum, MFCCs)
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