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A zsh plugin for aws-upload
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The oh-my-zsh plugin to boost your productivity with aws-upload.

This is a aws-upload's plugin for zsh. The plugin will allow you to easily tab to get your projects and environments.

The requirements for this plugin are:

How to install the oh-my-zsh plugin

Firstly, be sure you have aws-upload, zsh and oh-my-zsh installed properly.

Once you got the basic done, you have to:

1 - copy the aws-upload plugin to the oh-my-zsh plugins folder 2 - enable the plugin

Copy the aws-upload plugin to the oh-my-zsh plugins folder

Start copying the repo as oh-my-zsh plugin.

git clone ~/.oh-my-zsh/plugins/aws-upload/

Enable the plugin:

To enable the plugin you have to edit your .zshrc and add aws-upload to the plugins.

# vim ~/.zshrc
plugins=(history tmuxinator aws-upload)

After you seave your changes on .zshrc you can restart or reload zsh.

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