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Worker from Class

Allows you to create ActionScript Workers from Class definitions instead of loading or embedding a bulky SWF file.

Requires Claus Wahlers' excellent as3swf library for some SWF magic.


  • download worker-from-class
  • download as3swf and copy its /src/com folder into the worker-from-class /src folder
  • download the 11.4 playerglobal.swc (available at the Adobe labs)
  • add the 11.4 playerglobal.swc to the build path
  • set the compiler options -swf-version=17 and -target-player=11.4


  • use WorkerFactory.getWorkerFromClass(ClassReference, swfByteArray) to create a new Worker based on the ClassReference. The swfByteArray must be a valid SWF file ByteArray (e.g. loaderInfo.bytes)