Module to use the API of SeenThis <> from Python
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This module, currently in a preliminar stage, allows to make requests
to the short-blogging service SeenThis <> from

Copyright (c) 2011 by Stephane Bortzmeyer
free software, see LICENSE file for details

*** Install ***

1) Short method

# python install

2) Long method, if the above does not work or if you want to know more

This module uses "distribute", which should be compatible with
"setuptools". If it is not present, it is automatically
downloaded. Same thing for the required modules, which are searched on
PyPi and installed. If you prefer to use local versions, be sure to
install them before running Given the awful state of Python
packaging tools (see "Python packaging" by Tarek Ziade in
"Architecture of Open Source Software", Greg Wilson and Amy Brown
<>), you'll probably have to do
many things by hand. This module requires:

* SimpleTAL <>
* FeedParser <> At least version 5 because of 

OS-specific notes:

Debian: install packages "python-setuptools python-simpletal
python-feedparser" before running and you'll benefit from
Debian packaging for most of the modules.

Gentoo: TODO

MacOSX: if you have python2 you might have to do

*** Usage ***

Examples of use are the scripts (to backup all your
seens as ATOM feeds), (to post a message), (to retrieve an ATOM representation of a seen by
its Message-ID) and (to test if a given URL is
alreday in SeenThis).

All these scripts need a file storing SeenThis authentication
info. The file must be named $HOME/.seenthis/auth and contain two
lines, one for the user name and one for the password.

*** API ***

The SeenThis API is documented (in French only) in
<> but some
functions are documented elsewhere such as
<> or

*** Author ***

You can always write me at
My account on SeenThis is "bortzmeyer"

With patches from Valentin Lorentz <>