The full-featured Gerrit Code Review integration for Sublime Text 3
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The full-featured Gerrit Code Review integration for Sublime Text 3 (will not work in Sublime Text 2)


via Git clone

Clone this repo into Sublime Text's Packages directory. Target directory name must be SublimeGerrit.

via Package Control

  1. Open Command Palette
  2. Select "Package Control: Install Package"
  3. Select "SublimeGerrit"
  4. Restart Sublime Text
  5. Configure SublimeGerrit, see below.


  1. Open Command Palette
  2. Search for "Gerrit: Basic Setup"
  3. Select "General > Connection"
  4. Type your connection details. Host name must be in form: http(s)://host:port[/path]
  5. Back to Basic Setup and select "General > Git"
  6. Configure your Git settings

Advanced setup

More advanced settings can be changed via "Preferences > Package Settings > SublimeGerrit - User". Please also take a look at "Preferences > Package Settings > SublimeGerrit - Default" for all accessible settings.


  1. Press [ctrl] + [alt] + [g] or select "Gerrit: Basic Setup" command from Command Palette.

  2. Configure connection settings. When you're done, use [ctrl] + [alt] + [g] or "Gerrit" command from Command Palette to show the list of available commands for current view.

  3. All commands that are accessible after pressing [ctrl] + [alt] + [g] are also available in Sublime's Command Palette.

  4. You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts to work faster:

    [ctrl] + [alt] + [g] - display available Gerrit commands for current view

Change view:

  [d]              - download commands 
  [ctrl] + [d]     - revert checkout 
  [p]              - switch Patch Set 
  [enter]          - review change 
  [r]              - rebase change 
  [a]              - abandon change 
  [alt] + [a]      - restore abandoned change 
  [u]              - publish draft change 
  [q]              - delete draft change 
  [m]              - edit commit message 
  [t]              - edit topic 
  [c]              - cherry pick change 
  [F5]             - refresh view 
  [f]              - menu of changed files 
  [ctrl] + [a]     - add reviewer 
  [ctrl] + [r]     - remove reviewer 

Diff view:

  [up]             - go to previous change 
  [down]           - go to next change 
  [left]           - load previous file 
  [right]          - load next file 
  [alt] + [up]     - show previous comment 
  [alt] + [down]   - show next comment 
  [i]              - toggle intraline differences 
  [b]              - menu to change base patch set 
  [c]              - menu to navigate through comments 
  [d]              - menu to navigate through draft comments 
  [f]              - menu to navigate through changed files 
  [e]              - menu to list changes in file 


Previously the project was a closed-source and required license purchase for continued use. Because it was not very popular, I decided to publish it freely. Anyway, I'd like to thank these few great people who decided to support me by purchasing a license! :)

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