Automated DORIS Environment (adore) is a set of bash scripts to ease use of TU-DELFT's DORIS software.
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Automated DORIS Environment (adore) is a set of bash scripts to ease use of TU-DELFT's DORIS software. ADORE stands for Automated DORIS Environment. It is development started at the University of Miami Geodesy Group, to help researchers generate interferograms with ease. Just like DORIS it is an open source project and it comes with the same license. ADORE tries to provide a streamlined user interface for generating interferograms with DORIS and has some additional features for displaying and exporting the results, and time series analysis.

Estimate Value $353,386


  • Claim your live DVD before we run out: liveDVD
  • ADORE supports time series analysis using GIAnT.
  • ADORE GUI (agooey) is ready for beta-testers.

Important Note: ADORE does not come with DORIS. It is 100% compatible with DORIS versions of 4.02 and later. You can download the latest DORIS version at:

Main Goals:

  • Generate high-quality interferograms with ease.
  • Generate single-master-stack or short-baselines stack interferograms with ease.
  • Streamline (speed-up) setting-up DORIS input parameters.
  • While doing all of the above, do not loose any flexibility.

Current Features:

  • Automatic generation of DORIS input files with default parameters.
  • An interactive mode to quickly generate/troubleshoot interferograms.
  • A method to save,load,edit to easily modify project settings.
  • Interface for cpxfiddle (to generate raster images)
  • Interface to check project status.
  • Interface to undo previous processing steps.
  • Interface to generate SRTM DEM.
  • Interface to load ArcGIS stitched DEM (with .hdr file).
  • Export DORIS results to Envi, ArcGIS.
  • Script to load DORIS results into Python environment (see openInIpython).
  • And many more... Check out the wiki.

Want to contribute?:

  • If you have some time to contribute to ADORE, please contact me.