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Choose from the automated installer, or the manual install archive.

The manual install requires 7-zip (to extract the archive) and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x86) (to run BOSS). The installer will automatically install the redistributable if it is missing.

Changes since v2.1.1:

  • Fixed: Version extraction from Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim plugins.
  • Fixed: The plugin submitter selecting existing entries that only partially matched the submitted plugin name.
  • Changed: BOSS has moved to GitHub.
    • Changed: All current references to Google Code have been removed from the program and its documentation.
    • Changed: Masterlist updater now updates the masterlists by cloning and syncing their Git repositories.
    • Added: Ini and GUI settings for the masterlist repository URL for each game.
  • Changed: BOSS now requires the MSVC 2013 redistributable.
  • Changed: The installer now downloads and installs the MSVC 2013 redistributable if it cannot detect it as installed.
  • Changed: Settings for logging and source code references have been removed. Debug output is now logged at any level higher than standard, and source code references are never included.
  • Changed: GUI settings window layout tweaked.
  • Removed: The API, as better alternatives now exist.
  • Removed: Program updater, as it was poorly implemented, specific to the Google Code repository, and of limited use.
  • Removed: Proxy support, as it was reported to be non-functional, and it was decided that it wasn't worth retaining.
  • Removed: Morrowind support, as it was only token support present so that the API could function uniformly across all the games it supported.
  • Removed: The "Hide Clean Plugins" BOSS Log filter, as it was misleading.
  • Removed: The "Display Settings" BOSS Log feature, as the CSS used by the BOSS Logs is now stored in a separate static file which can be edited if desired.