Super lightweight Bootstrap + FontAwesome social sharing buttons (without counters)
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Bootstrap Share Buttons

An often overlooked method of implementing social sharing buttons (without counters) on your site. Super lightweight without any external loaded resources, JavaScript, or CSS. Fully customisable using CSS and WordPress filters.

The social buttons are designed to work on sites already running a Bootstrap theme with FontAwesome icons. The plugin does not automatically load any JavaScript or CSS resources.

If you don't want to use Bootstrap or FontAwesome, you can still use this plugin by providing your own CSS or by using WordPress filters to change the button and icon classes.



composer require bostondv/bootstrap-share-buttons

WordPress Plugin

Coming soon to the plugin repository.

  1. Upload the bootstrap-share-buttons folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Bootstrap Share Buttons plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

Manually Include

Download the repository and upload to your project. Include bootstrap-share-buttons.php in your project somewhere.



Display social buttons anywhere shortcodes are supported.

[bs-share-buttons twitter="bostondv" display="facebook,twitter,google,pinterest" style="both" type="default" size="md" /]

Function Call

Display social buttons anywhere within your PHP templates.

<?php echo bootstrap_share_buttons( 'bostondv', 'facebook,twitter,google,pinterest', 'both', 'default', 'md' ); ?>


twitter Required
Your twitter account handle.

display Optional
Comma separated list of share buttons you wish to display.

Options: facebook, twitter, google, pinterest, linkedin, email, print, or all.
Default: all

style Optional
Style of button to display.

Options:icon, text, or both.
Default: both

type Optional
Bootstrap button type.

Options: default, primary, success, info, warning, or danger.
Default: default

size Optional
Bootstrap button size.

Options: xs, sm, md, or lg.
Default: md


Allows you to change the share buttons displayed and any of their parameters.

Takes two arguments:
$displayed_items (Array) - All items that will be displayed.
$all_items (Array) - Array of all available social share buttons.

Allows you to change the share button classes.

Takes two arguments:
$classes (Array) - Array of all button classes.
$name (String) - Name of the share button eg. 'facebook'.

Allows you to change the share button icon classes.

Takes two arguments:
$classes (Array) - Array of all icon classes.
$name (String) - Name of the share button eg. 'facebook'.

Allows you to change the share button text. Used for the link title attribute, and the button text if style equals text or both.

Takes two arguments:
$text (String) - Text for the button.
$name (String) - Name of the share button eg. 'facebook'.


Written by Boston Dell-Vandenberg of Pomelo Design. Pomelo Design is a web and mobile app development agency based in Toronto, Canada.