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README - recon-ng-maltego v1.0

Author: J. David Bressler (@bostonlink), GuidePoint Security, LLC.
Demo Video:

1.0 About

12/10/2013 - Currently integrating to new version of recon-ng, have to change all path locations to reference workspaces. Be patient.

recon-ng-maltego is a local maltego transform pack built with the Canari Framework that integrates recon-ng data into maltego graphs. It also enables you to launch module categories such as hosts, contacts, and pushpin modules directly from Maltego and query the results to create a graph.

Directory Structure:

  • src/recon-ng-maltego directory is where all the magic stuff goes and happens.
  • src/recon-ng-maltego/transforms directory is where all the transform modules are located.
  • src/recon-ng-maltego/transforms/common directory is where common code for all transforms are stored.
  • src/recon-ng-maltego/transforms/common/ is where custom entities are defined.
  • maltego/ is where the Maltego entity exports are stored.
  • src/recon-ng-maltego/resources/maltego directory is where the entities.mtz and *.machine files are stored for auto install and uninstall.

2.0 - Installation

2.1 - Supported Platforms

nextego has currently been tested on Mac OS X and Linux.

2.2 - Requirements

nextego is supported and tested on Python 2.7.3

The canari framework must be installed to use this package See:

2.3 - How to install

Once you have the Canari framework installed and working, follow the directions below to install recon-ng-maltego

Install the package:

$ git clone [repo]
$ cd recon-ng-maltego
$ python install

Then install the recon-ng-maltego package by issuing the following command:

$ canari create-profile recon-ng-maltego

Then do the following (thanks to Nadeem Douba @ndouba):


  1. Open Maltego.
  2. Click on the home button (Maltego icon, top-left corner).
  3. Click on 'Import'.
  4. Click on 'Import Configuration'.
  5. Follow prompts.
  6. Enjoy!

Once installed you must edit the recon-ng-maltego.conf configuration file.

$ vim ~/.canari/recon-ng-maltego.conf

All Done!! Happy Hunting!