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Docker Swarm Monitoring

Docker Stack compose file to deploy dynamic monitoring for Docker Swarm. This stack deploys the following services:

  • cAdvisor: Deployed to all nodes to collect metrics from the system and containers running in it.
  • influxDB: Time-series database to store the metrics.
  • Grafana: Graphing tool to setup dashboards and alerts.

Run Instructions

Setup a Docker Swarm with the Docker Swarm Mode. From the swarm manager, deploy the stack with the command,

docker stack deploy -c docker-stack.yml monitor

A database named cadvisor is needed in influxDB.

docker exec `docker ps | grep -i influx | awk '{print $1}'` influx -execute 'CREATE DATABASE cadvisor' 

Open Grafana in your browser with the following command:

open http://`docker-machine ip manager`

In Grafana, create a new InfluxDB data source, with Url http://influx:8086 and database cadvisor. Finally import new dashboard with dashboard.json file.


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