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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Author: Chris Moyer
# cfadmin is similar to sdbadmin for CloudFront, it's a simple
# console utility to perform the most frequent tasks with CloudFront
def _print_distributions(dists):
"""Internal function to print out all the distributions provided"""
print "%-12s %-50s %s" % ("Status", "Domain Name", "Origin")
print "-"*80
for d in dists:
print "%-12s %-50s %-30s" % (d.status, d.domain_name, d.origin)
for cname in d.cnames:
print " "*12, "CNAME => %s" % cname
print ""
def help(cf, fnc=None):
"""Print help message, optionally about a specific function"""
import inspect
self = sys.modules['__main__']
if fnc:
cmd = getattr(self, fnc)
cmd = None
if not inspect.isfunction(cmd):
print "No function named: %s found" % fnc
(args, varargs, varkw, defaults) = inspect.getargspec(cmd)
print cmd.__doc__
print "Usage: %s %s" % (fnc, " ".join([ "[%s]" % a for a in args[1:]]))
print "Usage: cfadmin [command]"
for cname in dir(self):
if not cname.startswith("_"):
cmd = getattr(self, cname)
if inspect.isfunction(cmd):
doc = cmd.__doc__
print "\t%s - %s" % (cname, doc)
def ls(cf):
"""List all distributions and streaming distributions"""
print "Standard Distributions"
print "Streaming Distributions"
def invalidate(cf, origin_or_id, *paths):
"""Create a cloudfront invalidation request"""
# Allow paths to be passed using stdin
if not paths:
paths = []
for path in sys.stdin.readlines():
path = path.strip()
if path:
dist = None
for d in cf.get_all_distributions():
if == origin_or_id or d.origin.dns_name == origin_or_id:
dist = d
if not dist:
print "Distribution not found: %s" % origin_or_id
cf.create_invalidation_request(, paths)
if __name__ == "__main__":
import boto
import sys
cf = boto.connect_cloudfront()
self = sys.modules['__main__']
if len(sys.argv) >= 2:
cmd = getattr(self, sys.argv[1])
cmd = None
args = sys.argv[2:]
cmd = help
args = []
if not cmd:
cmd = help
cmd(cf, *args)
except TypeError, e:
print e
help(cf, cmd.__name__)
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