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Support for Route53 health checks and health checked and failover records #1496

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calind commented May 15, 2013

  • Ads support for Route53 health checks (list/create/delete)
  • boto.route53.zone.Zone methods add_record() and update_record() support failover and health checked records
  • Merges @xbe the changes from pull reuqest #1473

xbe and others added some commits May 3, 2013

Merge branch 'route53-healtcheck' into develop, adding support for Ro…
…ute53 healthchecked records

    * Includes commit '0e261dcb09398e6eab1e60fefd2f4f14c9526cf9' from @xbe fork
    * Adds support for creating/deleting healthchecks

@toastdriven toastdriven commented on the diff Jul 15, 2013

+ :ivar Route53Connection route53connection
+ :ivar str id: The ID of the healthcheck
+ :ivar str type: Type of the heathcheck ('tcp' or 'http')
+ :ivar str ip: The target ip of the check
+ :ivar int port: The target port of the check
+ :ivar str path: The path of 'http' check
+ :ivar str host: The host header for 'http' check
+ """
+ def __init__(self, route53connection, check_dict):
+ self.route53connection = route53connection
+ id = check_dict['Id']
+ check_dict = check_dict['HealthCheckConfig']
+ for key in check_dict:
+ if key == 'FullyQualifiedDomainName':
+ self.__setattr__('host', check_dict[key])

toastdriven Jul 15, 2013


Why are these self.__setattr__(...) calls instead of setattr(self, ...) calls?


toastdriven commented Jul 15, 2013

Thanks for the pull request, patch looks alright. However, given how much this touches, we definitely need some tests to make sure we don't regress as mentioned in the contributing guide.

If you could write some tests, that would help a lot. Otherwise this will have to wait until a core dev can find some time to write tests for this.

Thanks again for the pull request.

nonflet commented Sep 6, 2013

Hey, people, so how about health checks ?

boyand commented Nov 20, 2013

Any plans for this to get merged ?


danielgtaylor commented Nov 22, 2013

@boyand somebody needs to add tests to get this merged as mentioned above. At the moment the core developers are working on other issues.


mattdeboard commented Feb 19, 2014

@danielgtaylor This pull request was fixed by e49dc3c no?

For people finding this from Google (it's the top-ranked result for "boto route 53 healthcheck" for me), this functionality is supported in Boto already.


danielgtaylor commented Feb 19, 2014

Yes, sorry I forgot to close this issue. Please see #2054 and specifically e49dc3c for the final implementation. This should go out in the next release.

leezen commented Apr 8, 2014

Looking at #2054 I didn't see the support for the Failover tag included, which was part of #1496. Can that part of this pull get merged in as well? https://github.com/PressLabs/boto/commit/3281f01f032773f64e46a0e7d4730f4a86a68ff1 had this change as did 0e261dc

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