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  1. graceful_stop graceful_stop Public

    Elixir OTP application to gracefully stop the system after running shutdown hooks. Also catches SIGTERM.

    Elixir 24 3

  2. bubble-match bubble-match Public

    NLU match expression engine

    Elixir 20 2

  3. match_engine match_engine Public

    In-memory matching/filtering engine with Mongo-like query syntax

    Elixir 14 3

  4. phoenix-service-worker-example phoenix-service-worker-example Public

    Example code for the "Implementing a caching service worker with Phoenix" blog post

    Elixir 6 1

  5. hukai hukai Public

    Pronouncable name generator in Elixir

    Elixir 6 1

  6. snips_nlu snips_nlu Public

    Elixir NIF wrapper for Snips NLU library (Rust)

    Elixir 5


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