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Botwiki Foundation

Cataloging the world of friendly online bots and collecting resources that help to make them.

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  1. open-source-bots open-source-bots Public

    A full list of open source bots.

    139 20

  2. Public

    Tutorials, articles, datasets and other resources for creating useful, interesting, artistic and friendly online bots.

    CSS 83 29

  3. Public

    A Slack community of bot makers and bot enthusiasts.

    JavaScript 41 11

  4. fediverse-bot fediverse-bot Public

    A self-hosted fediverse bot.

    JavaScript 32 1

  5. botwiki-wp-theme botwiki-wp-theme Public

    Botwiki WordPress theme

    SCSS 12 1

  6. community-retweet-bot community-retweet-bot Public

    Source code for the semi-automated @botwikidotorg account.

    JavaScript 7 4


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